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Drink and Make Stuff: Volume One


Come take Maker Mountain Studios first ever Drink and Make Stuff class. Lets face it nobody’s walls can handle another wine painting. So do the adult thing and have a few beers while learning how to make a keychain that looks exactly like your own thumb.

Who doesn't want a key chain that is a spitting image of their thumb? Seriously though, in this introductory class participants will learn how to make an alginate mold of their thumb or finger and cast a duplicate digit out of plaster, all while drinking an Old Plaster Thumb.

If you aren’t feeling the finger keychain you are welcome to opt for a fancy finger stand for proudly displaying your extra extremity on your mantel or desk! Each attendee will leave with a replica of their thumb or finger that will be attached to a key chain or a FFS.

This class will be DJ'ed by you so please message Maker Mountain Studios with any guilty pleasure songs you don’t want to request in public. Your secret is safe with us. Curious about our guilty pleasure? We have a soft spot for the 1997 classic MMMBop.

If you would prefer to take this class with-out a bunch of booze bags who will probably be talking much to loud, please check out our alcohol free Beginning Mold Making class on September 16th. 

Techniques that will be covered:

  • • Proper mixing of alginate
  • • Making a waste mold
  • • Proper mixing of plaster
  • • Casting with plaster to get fine details


Wait, what does that mean?!

Alginate- a mold making material, made from seaweed, which is safe to be used on skin.

Booze Bag-a person who enjoys drinking while making a key chain that looks just like their thumb. 

Cast- the process of pouring the liquid plaster into the alginate mold of your finger.

Fancy Finger Stand/FFS- it’s really just a stand for your plaster finger.

MMMBop- is a song written and performed by the American pop rock band Hanson and released as the lead single from their debut full-length studio album, Middle of Nowhere, in 1997. The song was nominated for two Grammys at the 40th Annual Grammy Awards in February 1998 and is the band's most successful single to date. "MMMBop" was phenomenally successful, especially for a debut single, reaching number one in 27 countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and Mexico. Bet you didn't think you were going to learn that much about a 90's pop song while trying to plan an awesome night out. Thanks Wikipedia!

Old Plaster Thumb- A cocktail containing vodka, coffee liqueur and cream, ok it’s actually a White Russian. The Dude Abides.

Plaster- a hard material made by the addition of water to powdered and partly dehydrated gypsum.

Waste Mold- a mold that is destroyed during the process of removing your plaster finger or thumb.

Wine Painting- You’ve got one hanging on your wall (or in your closet), or possibly someone’s Aunt Shelia posted a picture of a painting that kind of looks like a blurry sunset with some stick figures that someone smeared apple sauce on. Come on, you know the one!

Two types of tickets

Drinking - includes 1 beer or wine. Ages 21+

Staying Sober - includes unlimited free ice water and a price cut. Ages 18+

Additional beer, wine and non-alcoholic drinks along with a limited food menu will be available for purchase from the Copper Mug Bar and Grille

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